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The Guide to Choosing the Best
CBD Hemp Oil Supplement for You

There are a few things you may want to consider
when choosing the best CBD Hemp Oil Supplement.

 Who will be using it and how easy or convenient does it have to be?

If you are choosing a CBD hemp oil supplement for someone who may have limited decision making abilities for example, a hemp oil concentrated spray or edible may be best. These are portable and easy to use.

For anyone who might require dosage adjustment, hemp oil concentrated spray used in combination with tincture extracts may be best.

CBD hemp oil supplements come in many different types such as spray, gel, drops, capsules, edibles, vape oil, salves, lotions, etc.
If you are trying a CBD hemp oil supplement for the first time, then its just a matter of preference.

CBD Hemp Oil Extracts (in the form of paste or gel) and CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures (in the form of drops or spray) are taken under the tongue or sublingually which allows for the CBD to be absorbed into the body much faster than if swallowed. Most people notice a feeling of calm or relaxation within 15 minutes.

CBD Hemp Oil Tincture drops are an excellent choice if you want to adjust your intake of CBD by the drop.

CBD Hemp Vape Oil also provides a fast way for the body to absorb the CBD without feeling high. They come in many exotic and fruity flavors to make vaping enjoyable with any selection.

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules and Edibles are very convenient for people on the go and take a little longer for the body to process.

CBD Hemp Oil Topicals (in the form of salve, gel, lotion or balms) are great for relaxing those achy muscles or joints and soothing the skin.

CBD Hemp Oil for Pets (in the form of nuggets, drops, or powder) helps pets feel relaxed and more youthful.

The nice thing is, you cannot take too much and CBD hemp oil supplements produce a soothing, relaxed feeling without experiencing a "high" feeling.

The only known side affect is an upset stomach if you start off with a high dosage.
If you are not used to taking a CBD Hemp Oil supplement, it is best to start off with a low strength and build up gradually as needed.


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